Climate change is all about change in our everyday life, including professional life. Have you ever considered incorporating a climate change focus in your professional or voluntary engagement? Would you like to learn more about climate change in a multicultural environment? What if we tell you that your achievements will be certified by seven European universities?

Whatever major you are doing now and whatever you will do in your future career, you will need to take climate change into account more and more seriously. Future IT specialists, architects, civil engineers, energy experts, chemists, entrepreneurs, and you, coming engineers, may be interested in climate aspects now or very soon.

Therefore, we invite you to...


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What is the ENHANCE Certificate on Climate Action (ECCA)?

ENHANCE is the alliance of seven leading EU universities striving to build the European University of Technology. As One Campus, we provide ENHANCE micro-credentials to our students: one joint offer and instant recognition of student achievements by all ENHANCE universities. ENHANCE certificate is a formalized micro-credential. A small volume of learning with ECTS points and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level assigned to it. ENHANCE Certificate on Climate Action (ECCA) empowers you with essential knowledge and skills on climate change, tools and methods for adaptation and mitigation, and finally will give you the possibility to design and prototype your solution.

How will you benefit? 
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You will enhance your
understanding of climate
change and actions you
may take on

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Each ENHANCE university
will recognize your
achievements with
no additional paperwork

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You may get a note in your
supplement to your
bachelor/master's diploma

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You get a certificate
signed by ENHANCE
European University
of Technology

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Enhance your personal
CV showing your
international experience

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After receiving a package of knowledge, you will have a lot of fun working on challenges in multicultural teams during our Summer School at Warsaw

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What is the structure of the ECCA?

Two modules built grounds followed by a module on possible actions for climate change with the Summer School closing the certification process. You need to gather at least 3 ECTS in each of the first three modules, either at your home university or while visiting any Enhance University as an Erasmus student.

You accomplish some courses from the vast list of possible classes within the certification process. They may overlap with the curriculum you are doing during your bachelor's or master's study – that is not a problem - or they can be entirely done as an addition to your diploma.

For details, including all requirements and learning outcomes, see the formal paper: Certificate on Climate Action.

What is the process of certification?

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There are no time limits for finishing all requirements. However, the closest Summer School will be organized in the summer of 2023. The following school will be organized according to needs and capabilities.

Participation in the Summer School can be financially supported by the Erasmus program, and therefore, we expect it to be free.

How can you apply?

Please, declare your intention to take the micro-credential by submitting the application form available here:

We will support and guide you as a registered student through the certification process. You will also have a priority in the Summer School. We can also inform you about activities added or withdrawn from the curriculum Your registration to the micro-credential is only informative for us. You need to register for courses you choose from the list of courses included in the certificate by yourself and according to the hosting university's regulations.

Not registered? No problem, you can ask for the recognition of your achievements under our micro-credential at any time. Just contact us.

List of officially approved courses 

Download the PDF file: ECCA Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

No, although it is strongly recommended that Summer School be your last activity. The good idea is to do module 1 in one semester, then modules 2 and 3 in the second, followed by the Summer School.

For modules 1-3, you will need to send us your Transcript of Records (ToR) that you should obtain at your home university upon request. For Summer School, it will be done automatically. You don’t have to do anything.

Need more information?

For organizational and technical issues:
Anna Smulska

For program coordination:
Mariusz Kaleta, Ph.D., D.Sc. 


Stay on the sharp border of progressive academia. Be a proud student of the European University of Technology.

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